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• 8/25/2017

Deathbringer goku

Deathbringer goku- he is one of the only saiyans he was lucky enough to harness the power of the elder dragon

Base form stats
Strength: has the strength of the omni king
Durability: has the durability of the omni king
Speed: has the speed of the omni king

Transformations multipliers

Elder dragon super saiyan multiplier not even gods can sense this power the
Multiplier Googolplex times base form

Elder dragon super saiyan 2
Multiplier these form makes him infinite everything is infinite Strength speed durability and ki

Elder dragon Super Saiyan 3
He is 400 times above Infinity

Elder dragon Legendary Super Saiyan
He is 999 Googolplex times above Infinity but can only can use it for 2 hours

Super saiyan multiplier times 50 multiplier

Super Saiyan 2 100x times multiplier

Super Saiyan 3 400x times multiplier

Elder dragon kiaoken same multipliers for regular super saiyan it can go all the way to 100 times and can add on to any transformation even on Legendary Super Saiyan but time would be at an hour and 30 minutes

The elder dragon form- if he dies he can comeback as the elder Dragon or can just come back

Kiaoken- he got the regular Kaioken and add kiaoken times 100 with Elder dragon kiaoken with Elder dragon Legendary Super Saiyan form but the time would be a hour

Special power
Three times a charm- he can comeback to life but he can only back to life 3 times after that he died for good

Destructor- has the power to erase anyone who is immortal, invincible, omnipotent,or invulnerable even if they can stretch their body across the universe also can instantly kill them and make them stay dead if they can come back to life but he got to be stronger than the enemy

Super regeneration- he can regeneration body parts in seconds even his head

Big bang Kamehameha it has enough power of the big bang it can even destroy 250 parallel universes

Elder dragon ball fist it has enough force as his Legendary Super Saiyan form but can use it once it has a 10 second recharge

Flame fist has enough force as his Elder dragon super saiyan 3 form but can only use it once then has a 5 second recharge

Deathbringer goku is immuned to reality warping and toonforce abilities and immuned to erasement or in other words he can't be erase from existence.

Destroyer of the universe- this ability in the the elder dragon form can come in the real world and do anything and he is still omnipresent omnipotent and can erase anyone even toonforce user and gag characters also gods that is also omnipotent and people who is immortal pr can come back to life form he is immune to everything and can erase everything about the character he kills like if he wanted to kill him he could erase everything mentioned about him and erase him existence and he can't come back after that it makes any enemy permanently dead even immortal beings and toonforce and gag force users also can do anything so he could reset fiction too or erase it in general so anything that is in fiction like the marvel universe or dc universe there is no limit to this he can do anything he wants.

Has elder dragon Kamehameha it has enough force as a elder dragon Legendary Super Saiyan Kamehameha but has a 10 second recharge.

If wants to he has the power to grant him immortal.
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• 12/1/2016
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