Bruubly is the fusion of Super Buu and Broly. In hell Buu and Broly met. They both liked each other because of their
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power. Super Buu remembered the fusion dance from when he was fighting Gotenks. They fused and started to destroy everything around them. Goten was training with Central Kai at the time and they went to stop Bruubly. Bruubly was so strong that they could not stop him. Goten used a power pole and jammed it in Bruubly's head. Bruubly hit Goten in the head. Central Kai attacked. It was countered. Goten then threw a knife at Bruubly. Bruubly caught the knife and stabbed Goten with it. Central Kai went to heal Goten. Bruubly shot a death ray at her. Goten jumped in front of her and died. The part of Buu remembered how to use instant transmission and traveled to earth. When Central Kai arrived on earth she learned that Bruubly shattered a dragon ball and hid it and him self in Devil's Toilet south of Fortune Teller Baba's temple. Central Kai killed the two demon statues, Gentlemen and Ladies, and found Bruubly. Central Kai was so mad that she went on her rage mode. She trapped Bruubly in a capsule. By the time Goten was past snake way and King Yemma her rage mode ended. She released Bruubly and dead Goten and Central Kai fought him. Because the rage mode ended they were lousing again. Goten decided to fuse with Central Kai. Bruubly was interested and let the two do the fusion dance. Central Goten was born. Central Goten defeated Bruubly easy. Bruubly ran away and was not seen again.