Welcome to our wiki. This wiki was created by CertainlyNot1218. If you have questions or want to talk ask us! Thanks again. We are looking for staff but you must earn it. We do not just give power. Fanfiction and real information is allowed. This wiki is made for fun. Harassing users and spamming will not be tolerated. We do block users.

About Us

We are a Fan Fiction, Fanon, Role Play and Canon wiki, we want everyone to enjoy there stay so go ahead and tell us if theres a problems! Please do not ask for power, B-crat, Admin, chat mod or rollback. If you ever need an admin please contact CertainlyNot and ask away. The staff of the wiki will try its best to help you and male you have a great time.

User of the Week

This is where CertainlyNot1218 puts his favorite User on the Wiki.

The User of the Week is Super Saiyan 7 Somebody!

Congratulations for making pages that support this Wiki by adding pages to our environment. Thank You!

Page of the Week

This is the Page of the Week! Where the assigned Administrator (CertainlyNot1218) puts a page that they think is good.

The Page of the Week is The Stolen Treasure, written by CertainlyNot1218. Make sure to check out the wiki and see if you maybe have the page of the week.

Role Play Rules

This Wiki has rules, and we want you to know them and understand them.

  • No Godmodding. Godmodding is when you block and dodge almost every attack and say your unfazed by every attack.
  • Try to keep it friendly, I know RP can have fightes, but remember, it's just a game.
  • Respect your opponent. Don't underestimate them.
  • You must have a RP character and say who you are using
  • Remember, the more you RP the stronger your character becomes.
  • Always have fun.
This is the Weekly Poll! Where the assigned Administrator (CertainlyNot1218) puts a poll that they thought of. Please Vote:
Are you looking forward to the Dragon Ball Z movie coming in 2013? Or for that matter, any new content?

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Who do you like more?

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