Full Force Flash
Debut Vaku fighting Trunks
Appears in CertainlyNot's Fan Fiction

Full Force Flash is a technique created by Vaku. This technique is when the user charges a Kamehameha, and instead swiftly shouts "Full Force Flash". The beam then comes out quickly, but with struggle and takes great Ki to achieve and master it, normaly the beam's color is switched to yellow. This technique was oringinaly made so Vaku could have a signature attack, like other warriors such as Vegeta, and Trunks


The user cups his hands together and slowly but swifly says "Full - Force Flash", then they quickly bring there hands forward and open there hands and a extremely powerful beam comes shooting out. The beams power is so extreme that the user is most likely sweating to extreme lenths or barley able to stand. If the user doesn't know how to control the attack, they can accidently burn their hands.

Users Edit