The Ultimate fight is a shot fanon written by CN, It is about Vegeta's next fight With Goku, both as Super Saiyan 4's. This is based after the Goku leaves, but comes back to vist, and is challenged by Vegeta.

Vegeta vs. Goku Edit

Vegeta: Are you ready weak boy?

Goku: Give it all you got.

Vegeta: Don't live to regret it.

Goku: All talk, let's do this.

Vegeta instantly went SSJ4 and quickly did a uppercut, then slammed Goku's gut and fires several Ki blasts. Goku teleported behind him and quickly fired a Super Kamehameha, as fast as light Vegeta fired his Final Shine technique that quickly overpowered Goku's attack. Vegeta then quickly punched and kicked Goku untill he landed a kick right on Goku's cheek, then Vegeta teleported behind him and punched his neck, Vegeta then proceeded to fire a Ki blast but instead fired a Final Flash and Goku's clothes became bloody and torn.

Vegeta: Come on Goku, I Wanna. Challenge.

Goku: Ok, no holding back.

Vegeta: You sure you can handle me? Haha.

Goku then punches but at the same time Vegeta does, instantly the both punch with the other arm but only to be caught. Goku then teleports infront of Vegeta and punchs but Vegeta quickly catches his fist. Goku fires a Super Kamehameha but Vegeta dodges and then rapidly punchs and kicks. With luck Goku lands a kick in Vegeta's neck, and Vegeta goes flying towards the ground, then Goku steps on his ribs. Vegeta then grabs Goku's legs and twists it, and kicks Goku's are so fiercely it breaks it. Goku prepares a 1 handed Kamehameha wave, but Vegeta does a kick to his face then fires a beam in his gut, then breaks Goku's leg.

Vegeta: Haha your broken.

Goku: I called Gohan to give me his energy!

Gohan: Here dad.

Vegeta: It won't help, but your so weak you depend on your son.