Toad Warriors are a vicious motorbike gang of criminals somewhere in the far North. They are shown surrounding Androids 17, 18, and 16's stolen Lucky Foods Company delivery truck, harassing them and calling them out. Things turn sour when the androids resist and fight back. Eventually, the Toad Warriors are scared off by a combination of 18's power and the police (the latter of which ironically mistakes Android 18 as being the ringleader of the Motorcycle Gang).

All of the Toad Warriors seem to be riding S-Cargo one-wheeled motorcycles - the same kind of motorcycle Launch rode in her days as a bandit. All members have a lightning bolt on their bikes, as well as somewhere on their outfits (some members even have more than one lightning bolt).


  • The leader of the Toad Warriors looks slightly similar to Sky Dragon, and another looks similar to Rising Dragon. Another of the Toad Warriors shares similar physical attributes with Fangs the Vampire, as well as with the #4 player in the Battle Ball Team, in relation to hairstyle and skin tone. Yet another of the warriors shares a resemblance to Bulma's early Dragon Ball appearances, while another of the warriors' design is similar to that of Van Zant. One of the Toad Warriors also looks very similar to The See-Through the Invisible Man when See-Through is covered in blood