Ultra Final Flash
Vegeta s final flash by orco05-d5iy0bk
Vegeta Using The Ultra Final Flash In Training
Type Energy
User(s) Vegeta
Ultra Final Flash Is a technqiue created by Vegeta, but he never used it in combat situations. The technique is very similar to the Final Flash technique, the user puts both hands outwards and draws them in, then a surge of Ki comes that quickly is released, making a powerful attack, the user then feels the energy leave, but once it hits the target you can collect some of there energy from the attack, then you are in a more relaxed stronger state.


The beam of this attack is a bright yellow beam, that has a yellow aura and electricity surrounding it. Anger can increase the amount of electrictiy and aura that comes out, then simply let it all out. Vaku then learned this powerful technique wih a little twist, he would bring his arms back then release the beam, the beams color would change green with a red aura.