Vegeta vs. Reacoom, Part 2 (絶望のベジータ, Zetsubō no Bejīta) is the two hundred seventy-sixth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. In the Viz release, it is the eighty-second chapter of Dragon Ball Z. This chapter's anime counterpart is the middle portion of the episode "Recoome Unleashed".


Having been sent flying by a Recoome Kick, Vegeta manages to regain his composure in midair and bounces himself off the ground and back upwards. He charges at Recoome, and the two spar briefly, with Recoome saying that Vegeta is better than he had thought. Recoome connects with a strong blow to the back of the neck, sending Vegeta crashing to the ground. He attempts to follow up with a punch, but Vegeta springs into the air. Recoome quickly gives chase.

In the air, Vegeta fires a Ki Blast while attempting to evade Recoome. Recoome, however, is too fast. He easily catches up to Vegeta and kicks him down into the water below. He laughs as Krillin and Gohan stare. Vegeta unexpectedly darts out of the water and slams into Recoome's chest, but Recoome grabs him and hurtles towards the ground, throwing Vegeta into it at the last minute. He pulls the Saiyan out of the ground, asking jocularly if he is okay. Vegeta responds by firing a two-handed ki blast into Recoome's face, knocking him backwards and giving Vegeta time to get back up.

Despite the point-blank hit, Recoome is still seemingly unharmed and is even more excited, claiming the blast was what he wanted. Burter calls him a narcissist. Recoome asks is Vegeta has anything with more oomph, while Vegeta bristles at being treated as a plaything. Recoome prepares to attack, and Krillin tells Gohan to charge in, realizing that they have no hope if Vegeta is defeated. However, unbeknownst to Krillin, the Capsule Corporation spaceship carrying Goku has only two minutes left until it lands on Namek.