Zarboria is Frieza's henchmen, Zarbon and Dodoria, fused together via potara fusion.


Frieza and his army had arrived on the Kaioshins' Planet where they then discovered the potara earrings. Zarbon, astonished by the remarkable earrings couldn't resist to try them on. He strangely convinced Dodoria into wearing one as well. That's when they suddenly both collided. Zarboria was born. All the scouters had broken after reading the newfound power. Frieza, astonished but also frightened, couldn't let a being able to surpass his own strength. He decided to transform to his second form. Zarboria, now rebelling against Frieza, killed every single last one of his troops. With Frieza and Zarboria the only two on the planet, they began their battle. Zarboria outclassed Frieza in every way. Frieza couldn't take it so he transformed to his third form. They were perfect rivals. The fight was evenly matched until Zarboria revealed his more powerful grotesque form. This battle was now the turning point. Zarboria again outclassed Frieza now in his third form. Frieza had no choice but to use his final form. Zarboria, at his full power, couldn't take on the universal warlord. He finally gave up. After what actions Zarboria had taken on him, Frieza killed him with his own hand. Ending the story of Zarboria.


Zarboria has a Greenish-blue color in appearance and wears a yellow set of potara earrings. He wears the Saiyan armor but in a darker version of Frieza's. In his second form, he takes on the appearance of Zarbon's ugly form but pink.


Zarboria's first form rivals that of Frieza's third form. His second form surpasses Frieza's third form, but is useless against a fraction of Frieza's final form.